Beauty is the science of attraction.
We’ve devoted our lives to understanding it.

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We’ve grown since then, with the help of some of the smartest, most inspiring people in the industry.

People who share our vision and values.

People who embrace innovation with the same passion as our founders.


We are here for you every step of the way. Let us apply our creativity, technical knowledge, current on-trend insights, and efficient facilities to bring new product ideas and innovations to life.

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We share your vision to craft high-performance products that satisfy real consumer needs. We are innovators, we are formulators, and we are creators. We are Aware, and we thrive on creating greatness.

With strong partnerships, a can-do attitude, and a speed-to-market mandate, we work to exceed client expectations, while always ensuring product performance.

We are inspired by the magic of our LA heritage—its celebrity, geography, and influence. Let us work our magic and apply our knowledge, skills, and capabilities to make your ideas a reality.

Aware makes it happen.
Imagination and creativity drive us.


Product Expertise

  • Hair Care (excluding aerosols and color-depositing formulas)
  • Skin Care
  • Bath and Body Care
  • Self-Tan
  • OTC (Sun Care, Acne, Barrier Protection, Dandruff)
  • Alcohol-Based Formulas
  • Hot Fills and Waxes
  • Anhydrous (Oils, Scrubs, Balms)
  • Fragrance (EDP, EDT, Cologne, etc)
  • Suspension Systems
Aware-Products-Product Expertise

Proactive Research

  • Actively research new technologies and raw materials.
  • Review and analyze market research.
  • Promise transparent communication.

On-Trend Development

  • Provide trend analysis.
  • Monitor new product introductions.

Brand Supportive Suggestions

  • Monitor and research product mix.
  • Identify white space.

Price-Relevant Innovations

  • Present innovations within customer’s standard cost targets.

Inspired by the land of creativity, Aware’s Research and Development team works diligently to stay on the forefront of technology as it relates to beauty, fashion, and trend. A perseverance to provide your brand with the hottest market-driven success encompasses all that we do. These are the formulators that make the magic happen.

  • Core Team Dedicated to Innovation
  • Product Stability Technician
  • Filling and Assembly Technician
  • Stability Testing Models for Both OTC and Non-OTC Products
  • Full Pilot and Scale-Up Programs
  • Extensive Network of Raw Material Suppliers
  • Academia/University Research


  • Non-OTC Stability Testing
  • OTC Stability Testing
  • Preservative Effectiveness Test (PET)
  • Weight Loss (upon customer request)

Technology Transfer

  • Non-OTC Pilots / Scale-Up
  • OTC Pilots / Scale-Up
  • Line Trials

Aware addresses every aspect of your product development and manufacturing needs with a customer-centric approach that makes every launch a star.

With experts in product development, R&D, marketing, manufacturing and quality assurance, Aware’s transparent approach guarantees a strong strategic partnership focused on building your brand.

Aware Products Drops

Dedicated Relationship Manager

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Internal Teams Coordination
  • Customer Relationship Ownership

Team of Market Specialists

  • Direct Connect
  • Customer Collaboration
  • Trend and Industry Analysis
  • Customer Product Mix Analysis
  • Product Ideation and Positioning
  • Design for Manufacturability Review

Product Development

Product Development Manager
  • Product Development Process
  • Product Development Timeline Management
  • Product Profiles
  • Coordination of Regulatory Documentation
  • All Product Development Communication

Account Management

Account Manager
  • Launch Timeline Management
  • Bill of Material Management
  • Customer Component Inventory Management
  • Price Quoting
  • Raw Material and Component Coordination
  • Reorder Timeline Management
  • Day-to-Day Customer Service

We can adjust formulations to take advantage of trends, address changing consumer needs, and ensure you gain market advantage.

We can produce samples quickly. We can respond and react. We can help you be fast followers or blaze your own trail. Aware is a true partner, promising best-in-business general manufacturing practices for every item we produce.

Maintain a Quick and Flexible Facility
  • Sustain flexible line configurations, focused on quick and smart changeovers.
  • Follow simplified material flows.
  • Maintain a cross-trained, flexible, and expandable workforce.
Inventory Accuracy
  • Regular cycle counting has resulted in a 98% accuracy rate on inventory.
  • 4,400 pallet locations available for components.
  • All pallet locations are barcoded.
Directives Aware-Products-Splash

Filling Equipment
• Tube Fillers
• Piston Fillers
• Rotary Fillers
• Inline Fillers

Labeling Capabilities
• Wrap (In-Line/Off-Line)
• Front and Back (In-Line/Off-Line)
• Top and Bottom (In-Line/Off-Line)

Cap Placement
• Hopper Manual Placement Stations
• Auto Cappers
• Induction Sealers

Container Placement
• Hopper Manual Placement Stations

Specialty Fill Technologies
• Cooling Tunnels
• Surface Finish Control for Butters
• Dual Fill
• Layered Fill
• Marbled Fill
• Surface Treatments

• Date and Lot Coders
• Thermo-Transfer Case Label Printing
• Silkscreen Stations

  • Bottles
  • Jars
  • Tubes
  • Tamper-Proof Seals
  • Foil-Induction Seals
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • Cartons
  • Crimping Closures
    • Glass Containers and Plastic Tubes
  • Promotional Kits

Our collaborative quality assurance process begins at ideation, guaranteeing all projects are designed for manufacturability. Aware’s diligent, cross-functional approach focused on constant improvement resonates through each department, ensuring that all possible challenges are identified and standards established to ensure customer satisfaction.

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